I am Salvatore, currently working as Senior Data Scientist in a pharmaceutical company. I have studied biotechnology and I have a PhD in immunology where I started to be acquainted about bioinformatics and slowly moving into the amazing world of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Since I was a child I loved to write (short stories about sci-fi and more, well maybe with doubtful results but I am improving). I always also thought that the knowledge should be spread and be accessible to everyone. Thus, I have started to write in Medium, about bioinformatics and machine learning. I am planning to write (actually already doing) articles related to machine learning and artificial intelligence (stay tuned!).

I am also collecting all the link to the article, the associate code and a lot of resources dedicated to machine learning, artificial intelligence and more in my GitHub repository. You can find the link here:

Here I am collecting every week the most important news related to machine learning and artificial intelligence, star and check this repository:

Beyond that, I love to cook (maybe in the future experimenting about AI and recipees), to draw (not so good at that for the moment), to travel and I am passionate about photography (travel photo, urbex and so on).

Salvatore Raieli

Salvatore Raieli

Senior data scientist | about science, machine learning, and AI. Top writer in Artificial Intelligence